We are a small group of aerotow enthusiasts that formed the SWSSA with the aim of promoting our wonderful hobby in the beautiful surroundings of the West Country. As a not-for-profit organisation we contact land owners to organise aerotow events for interested parties with the aim to help both our hobby and generate some vital income for the farmers that help us.
Our first event was held in May 2014 where, although the weather let us down on the first day, we had a fantastic second one! Sadly, the weather forecast deterred some, but those that made the effort were rewarded by having a great time. Mr Teakle actually said, and I quote “It has been the best event I have attended”. The December issue of QEFI had a very favourable write up of the event, thank you Steve and Chris.

In June 2015 at Ashridge Farm we invited the one and only Mr Cliff Charlesworth for the day, who spoke very fondly and enthusiastically about our hobby, saying how happy he was to note that the interest in it has continued to develop and grow. We managed to find Cliff’s original Olympia that is on the front cover of his book (thank you Pete Franklin). It was a pleasure to present it to him on the day. His face was worth a thousand pictures and when he thought nobody was looking, he spent the rest of the day on his hands and knees crawling around it.
It was a day that we will not forget in a hurry, and bless you Mr Charlsworth you have certainly left us with a great legacy.

If you feel that you can support us, please sign up and have a great weekend in the countryside, meet old friends, and make new ones. Wives are welcome and indeed encouraged to come along.
We can only succeed with your support so with that said, Gary, Chris, Felix and myself look forward to seeing you all soon.
Please keep checking the events page for updates.